New Bread Baking Videos Posted

I’ve posted a couple of new bread videos. One is a no knead variation using steel cut oats that has come to be one of my "regulars". It’s super simple and very satisfying. I think you’ll like it. It can be found under "No Knead Recipe Variations" or .

ActualPoilane8.jpg The other video takes us way back to the olden days of bread
baking, prior to November of ’06 (that’s 2006), before no knead
bread baking stole the limelight. This bread recipe is the result
of my quest to duplicate the famous Poilâne bread of Paris. It’s a mostly whole grain sourdough which reminds me of a European style country bread. While it does involve some actual kneading, it’s really quite simple compared to many other bread recipes. I didn’t think Breadtopia was fairly represented without a more traditional bread baking example. Please visit to learn more. 

Next up, I’ll look at how to avoid baking yourself out of your own kitchen during the hot summer months. Plus I’ll start diving into making easy and sublimely delicious pizza crust, including grilled pizza.

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breadtopia September 7, 2007 at 4:47 am

Hi Bill,

You’re very welcome. Glad things are working out so well.



Bill Scholts September 6, 2007 at 8:44 pm

When something works this well, it seems like you should let the person who showed you how, know. We ordered a few things from your web site, and then ordered La cloche. It will be a few more days before it arrives. However, after watching your goof-proof videos for the 8th time, we heard something about any kind of Pyrex dish with a cover would work. Well, (not that we couldn’t wait) but with a Pyrex dish and little or no effort, we produced one of the finest loaves of bread we have ever baked. We have videos; we have books, with directions not short of complicated. Yet we have never achieved this kind of result.
Thank you Eric, you have justified the expense I have in flour.



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