Campfire Bread Videos

Dear Breadtopians,

Campfire Bread

Campfire Bread in the Tetons

I just posted a couple new videos chronicling my adventures with baking bread while camping this summer.

Not a camper? No problem. I think new bakers may take some inspiration from how simple it can be to turn out decent sourdough bread.



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RAY GIRARD October 18, 2011 at 10:19 am

Bravo! Modern, enlightened fun that must have been. Unlike a backpacking trips of 55 years ago in the Yosemite high country, when I tried to make biscuits using Bisquick and a foil reflecting oven. The attempt took half the morning, with dismal results, and it was never repeated. Am now inspired to try car-trunk camping in order to bake your sourdough loaf in live coals. Should take just enough time to gather a few trout for breakfast. Thanks.


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