The Stollen Chronicles Part 1: Marzipan Stollen Recipe

Just before Thanksgiving, my wife Denyce and I were lucky enough to be invited to merry old England to meet with and video award-winning artisan baker, Emmanuel Hadjiandreou. We filmed him non-stop for three days at the School of Artisan Foods in Nottinghamshire where he now teaches. Emmanuel made wheat breads, barm breads, rye breads, sourdough starters, holiday breads, puff pastry, croissants and other recipes from his recent book, “How to Make Bread.” When we get done editing and organizing the huge volume of info, you will be seeing the videos here on Breadtopia over the coming months. It was an amazing ride, and we came back inspired to say the least.

With the holidays immediately upon us, we decided to try to tackle his award-winning stollen. (Right, something simple.) Denyce chronicles the venture here. Part 1 of the Stollen Chronicles is how we made made marzipan stollen. Enjoy, and Happy 2012!

The Poppyseed and Marzipan Stollen that Emmanuel made for us in the UK.

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