Breadtopia Oven Glove - Mens review by eric williams

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amazing (5/5) Jun 23, 2011 eric williams river grove il US
  in an un-bread related accident, i burned my hand while removing my cast iron pan from the oven. i was using a towel but it slipped and i put a horrible burn in the palm of my hand. i used to have an oven mitt but it was so ruined and also didnt work well, i discarded it a while ago.

as i stared at that horrible burn, i remembered these gloves and bought 2 immediately. i just used them for the first time - to remove my romertomf clay baker from the oven. i was able to 'palm' it from the bottom and drop the burning hot loaf of bread into my other gloved hand. this was a dangerous chore with the towel i used to use. i felt no heat at all, though im sure i would had i needed to handle it any longer. i am so glad i bought these, i have enough problems not to need burns on my hands as well.

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