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Terrific Book and Emmanuel is the Best! (5/5) Mar 30, 2012 Mitch G Oakland CA US
  I have been learning to bake bread for a few months and have accumulated several instructional / recipe books.

Emmanuel's is the best. The instructions are clear, the photography is outstanding and the breads themselves are delicious.

Great variety of interesting recipes. I have made the polenta bread, chocolate currant, hazelnut currant, levain de campagne and pecan with raisins. All get rave reviews from friends and family.

Even better, Emmanuel is a wonderful and helpful person. I had some difficulty with a recipe and thought to track down his email address and ask for some help. Not only was he responsive but he went out of his way to take the time to call me at home and personally coach me (twice - I am needy). How terrific is that!?

Some notes:

Read the introductory text carefully. For example, the recipes assume you are using a convection oven. If you are not, the simple adjustment is there.

Emmanuel has shared with me an errata. The water in the levain de campagne is 300g, not 150g.

Water absorption is a little different in US flours. I needed to cut back on the water in the sourdough polenta. The first one I made was too wet and I had a baking / sticking problem. It was still great. After Emmanuel helped me adjust, it was even more great!

Final note: Buy this book. :)

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