SAF Instant Yeast review by Terry Kokosenski

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More bread, PLEASE!!! (5/5) May 6, 2013 Terry Kokosenski Waycross GA US
  This is my review of SAF Red Yeast left at a few years ago:

My one pound package of SAF R.I.Y. was purchased in Nov/Dec 2007 and in between uses, has been stored in the freezer in a glass Le Parfait container graced with a wire spring bale and rubber gasket for good preservation. Today, 19SEP2010, the last of that pound of yeast was used in making my weekly batard consisting of 6C flour, either KA AP flour or bread flour from Weisenberger Mills of Kentucky. And a poolish went into each loaf.
The one pound package of yeast made approximately 125-150 two-pound loaves and its activity never seemed to waiver. The yeast seems just as active now as it did way back at the end of 2007.
Just an fyi.


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