WonderMill Jr. Deluxe with Flour Guide review by Janet Sclar

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WonderMill Jr. Deluxe (4/5) Jun 18, 2013 Janet Sclar Hydesville ca US
  Just did my first milling with the WMJD. Brown rice was super easy compared to hard red wheat, which I ended up running thru twice (once to crack, sift, then again to get fine bread flour). It was a bit of a workout, but nothing too bad. I did have to use both hands and wouldn't want to do it this way if I was making more than one loaf of bread a week.

For larger quantities, I tried the drill attachment. Getting the handle to "pop right off" was not easy and required some force with a hammer from behind. For wheat the 1/2" heavy-duty Dewalt cordless drill was straining so I am going back to the hardware store to buy the Dewalt 130V, as recommended.

The user booklet assumes one knows what they're doing (very little detail), so I'm glad I read and watched a lot of reviews first, to know about breaking in the stones, brushing out the machine, how to attach the stones and guide, etc. The guide really should have come with a notch to hold it on while lining up the stones as it's very awkward, and I think it could have been less bent at the bottom so the flour falls out rather than collects inside the rim.

All said, I am very happy with the construction and ease of milling, and I look forward to lots of good bread and nut butters in the years to come.

Breadtopia's customer service was great!

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