Emile Henry Bread Cloche review by Mary Lynch

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Loving This! (5/5) Jul 15, 2013 Mary Lynch Long Island NY US
  I make a lot of chunky cheese breads, and prefer using a cloche. While my "other" clay cloche does a wonderful job, the accumulated oils from the cheeses + flour bake onto the base (right through the parchment paper) causing substantial smoking. Not supposed to wash my "other" cloche with any soap, but (don't tell) I had no choice but to scrub it, and it still smoked. Time for a new cloche. Not only is the Henry Emile producing beautiful breads, and the base can even go into the dishwasher, but it's classy enough be displayed as "kitchen decor". OK, it has a price tag, but I'd end up regularly replacing my cloches otherwise, and I waited for a time when family was searching for clues for a gift idea :-)

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