La Cloche Clay Baker - Round review by Patti Johnson

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Love at first sight! (5/5) Oct 31, 2013 Patti Johnson Lawrence Ka US
  I ordered my La Cloche Clay Baker (Round) via Breadtopia during the very early morning hours of 10/30/2013. I just received it today (IN PERFECT CONDITION!), 10/31/2013. It's mighty nice to live so close to Iowa! :)

Quick Question/Verification: I'm assuming that my interpretation and understanding that the use of this baker as strictly a bread baking vessel using ONLY the "preheated" method for use requires absolutely no preliminary seasoning of the baker at all, correct? (Regardless of what the manufacturer instruction/recipe booklet may indicate.)

I will update my review after I've baked my first loaf of bread in this beautiful baker!

I'm just so darned excited that I got it so quickly and in perfect condition (the packaging was excellent)!

Thanks, Breadtopia!

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