Klip It Yeast Canister review by Sherry up north

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Too cool! (5/5) Dec 2, 2013 Sherry up north Anchorage Al US
  Wow. Ok, I bought this as a gift for someone else but it is so cool looking that (shhhhh!) it's staying with me!! What they don't know won't hurt em! Besides, I can always order them another one later. ;0) The container snaps tightly and as shown on the site, would be perfect for keeping bread yeast in. But it also has a little drainer basket with a handle on it that you can remove (unbelievably cute) and will be handy for all sorts of uses. I buy a lot of mini cucumbers and this little guy is going to be perfect to store them in the fridge in. Until I cruised the Breadtopia store, I had never heard of the 'Klip It" brand, but if the rest of their products are as well made as this, I'm sold on them... LOVE it!

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