WonderMill Jr. Deluxe with Flour Guide review by Tonya Bender

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Love it! (5/5) Mar 3, 2011 Tonya Bender Morral Oh US
  Just received my WonderMill Junior Deluxe with Flour Guide. This is made like a tank!! It works very well at grinding the wheat berries into an awesome flour. I'm new at this, and cant believe the difference in flavor from store bought flours. I am 5'4" and have no problems quickly milling enough flour for a loaf of bread. My husband and I are very pleased with this product and the service we received from Breadtopia. I ordered it Saturday morning and was milling Wednesday afternoon. There are so many features included with this set-up, and it is the best value for the money that I have found! Thank you for the demo videos also, they helped in my decision.

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