Butter Bell - Royal Blue Trim review by JJ Becker

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sorta of works (4/5) May 9, 2011 JJ Becker Boston MA US
  I appreciate that the goal here is to keep the butter out, so it's soft and ready to use on that fresh bread I just baked, and it will keep the butter fresh much longer than your garden variety butter dish. And it works fabulous as a butter serving dish.

But it you do put it in the fridge, you'll have to take the butter containing bell out of the water cup, and keep it -right side up-.

If you place the butter bell in the fridge, the butter will first get hard, then contract as it cools further, then it will detach from butter bell, and then fall from the bell into the water.

Which boils done to fiddling with a piece of wet, hard butter, when you get ready to use it.

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