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Love it! (5/5) Mar 3, 2011 Tonya Bender Morral Oh US
  Just received my WonderMill Junior Deluxe with Flour Guide. This is made like a tank!! It works very well at grinding the wheat berries into an awesome flour. I'm new at this, and cant believe the difference in flavor from store bought flours. I am 5'4" and have no problems quickly milling enough flour for a loaf of bread. My husband and I are very pleased with this product and the service we received from Breadtopia. I ordered it Saturday morning and was milling Wednesday afternoon. There are so many features included with this set-up, and it is the best value for the money that I have found! Thank you for the demo videos also, they helped in my decision.
As promised (5/5) Oct 5, 2012 Mike Hermsen Omaha Ne US
  Just put our new WonderMill Jr. mill to the test. Arrived quickly with fast same day service from Breadtopia.

A solid quality mill for it's price. Stones grind the whole wheat berries without trouble. The clamps are especially strong and solid. I have no trouble operating it. As with any manual grinder, ease will vary according to your physical condition, but nothing hard with this one.

Had to slightly loosen the nut on the black handle to get it to turn. Other than that, no problems. Time will tell, but why pay $200 more when this mill delivers as advertised! Two thumbs up.
WonderMill Jr. Deluxe (4/5) Jun 18, 2013 Janet Sclar Hydesville ca US
  Just did my first milling with the WMJD. Brown rice was super easy compared to hard red wheat, which I ended up running thru twice (once to crack, sift, then again to get fine bread flour). It was a bit of a workout, but nothing too bad. I did have to use both hands and wouldn't want to do it this way if I was making more than one loaf of bread a week.

For larger quantities, I tried the drill attachment. Getting the handle to "pop right off" was not easy and required some force with a hammer from behind. For wheat the 1/2" heavy-duty Dewalt cordless drill was straining so I am going back to the hardware store to buy the Dewalt 130V, as recommended.

The user booklet assumes one knows what they're doing (very little detail), so I'm glad I read and watched a lot of reviews first, to know about breaking in the stones, brushing out the machine, how to attach the stones and guide, etc. The guide really should have come with a notch to hold it on while lining up the stones as it's very awkward, and I think it could have been less bent at the bottom so the flour falls out rather than collects inside the rim.

All said, I am very happy with the construction and ease of milling, and I look forward to lots of good bread and nut butters in the years to come.

Breadtopia's customer service was great!
Finally! (5/5) Mar 13, 2014 Susan Ottwell Mizpeh Ramon IL
  I've been wanting something like this for years, and haven't before found a hand mill at a decent price, or one that would ship to my location. I only have one complaint...I have to use both hands to get a good, smooth rotation going, and the handle just isn't long enough for a good grip with both hands! I'm hoping that as I use it I'll get better upper-body strength and won't need both hands any more.

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