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Works well! (5/5) Jul 15, 2013 Mary Lynch Long Island NY US
  Been making no-knead for 2 years, I can use a lidded dutch oven for baking but don't feel comfortable with it, afraid I'll get burned. So I tended to stick with recipes that held their shape well while rising (allowing me to use a cloche) but a lot of promising recipes were too wet. A neighbor bought the starter kit which included this Bread Dome and I was impressed with holds no-knead bread in a desireable shape during I bought one. Does a great job and for me, a real problem solver.
just what i was looking for to make no-knead breads (5/5) Feb 25, 2013 Garrett Walker New York NY US
  i have been making the bittman no-knead bread in enameled cast iron for a couple years now, and suffering from flat loaves. i've now put three loaves of 'artisan bread in 5 minutes a day' through the bread dome, and while i wouldn't say that i've achieved the height in the pics here, it's definitely better. plus, the dome doesn't weigh a ton, it's cheaper and takes up less space. crust and crumb are as good or better than i've ever achieved in cast iron. can't comment on long-term quality yet, but it appears to be well constructed. avoid thermal shock and you should be fine.
Love it (5/5) Jan 21, 2013 Vina Ryan Nunica MI US
  I just got into the no knead method and having the bread dome has really helped me perfect my technique. I am using it so often that I haven't even bothered to put it into the cupboard yet.
Bread Dome by Sassafras (5/5) Aug 20, 2012 Sarah Hearrell Abilene TX US
  Oh my gosh - I love this dome! For health reasons I started making bread to get away from all the presevatives used in store bought loaves. At first I was using the pizza peel for the bread but did not get consistant bread and was unhappy with the results. Once I started using the dome, my breads have been coming out perfect and would rival any artisan loaves seen on the front of bread recipe books. I will never go back to the pizza peel for artisan breads.
Love the Dome! (5/5) Feb 4, 2012 Patti Midwest IL US
  Made a dense honey wheat today and thought I'd try out the Dome. It did a great job of baking this loaf. Nice, crispy crust and perfect crumb. Can't go wrong with this tool!
Good for occasional baking (4/5) Jan 1, 2012 Bart Snell Lakeview Or US
  I've been using my 'Bread Dome' for a couple months now and have to say that it's created perfect loaves every single time I've used it. The first time I didn't use any parchment paper and my loaf stuck really bad but since then I've used paper and it's been great everytime.
The only reason I couldn't give it a 5 star rating is because after less than two months of, to be fair, moderately-heavy use (I bake between 4 and 10 loaves daily), a crack has developed in the bottom 'bowl' section and will soon result in the entire bottom section of the baker splitting in two.
I think this is a great item if you plan on using it just occasionally but it didn't seem to hold up under regular and heavier daily use.

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