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Truly love baking with this flour! (5/5) Nov 29, 2013 Patti Johnson Lawrence Ka US
  This is truly great organic bread flour. I have been making all my bread lately with a 3:1 ratio of bread flour to whole rye flour. I do a quick proofing no knead peasant bread recipe where I use 2 cups of my sourdough starters that I recently made (a sourdough rye starter with the whole rye flour product, and a sourdough white starter with this bread flour). I use 1 cup of the sourdough rye starter and 1 cup of the sourdough white starter in my recipe.

The loaves come out really great!

AND...the price of this organic bread flour is GREAT!
Best Bread Flour (5/5) Feb 7, 2014 Anonymous new haven Co US
  I bought this flour purely because it's organic and I'm trying to incorporate more organic foods in my diet. To my surprise this flour is absolutely amazing! My bread has never tasted so good. I will never buy any other flour.

Thank you Breadtopia!

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