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Gadget Gayle (5/5) Jan 4, 2014 Gayle Heinton Lore City Oh US
  This tool does more than bread dough. It breaks up ground meat when browning for chili or spaghetti sauce. Try it for 10 eggs when preparing breakfast for a large family. I used it for mixing meatloaf ingredients together. When a cake mix or brownie mix says stir for 50 strokes, out comes the Danish Dough Whisk. I'm sure there are many more uses I will discover when canning season rolls around. I ordered 8 so I could give my girls and friends one as their birthdays come around. It's not a gadget, it's a cooking necessity.
Dough Whisks (5/5) Mar 10, 2013 Fsmc Gretna Lo US
  I actually bought mine (and paid more) through another well known online flour company but I love this website more...when I saw that I could offer a review for these whisks, I couldn't pass the chance up to tell everyone out there that these are the BEST gadgets out there for stirring heavy or large amounts of dough! I make challah for my Jewish Temple for Shabbat so it's not uncommon for me to mix 20 pounds of dough at a time. With weak wrists, it was becoming a challenge for me to use a dinner fork so I took a chance and purchased the large whisk. When I saw how great it worked, I went back and bought the smaller one in case I should ever need to make a smaller batch of bread!
Both sizes are swell! (5/5) Feb 2, 2012 Hoobie Iowa City IA US
  Lots of people have commented on how wonderfully this mixes up dough, so I'll just agree with them and not try to add more to it... except that one needn't feel limited to mixing dough with it.... And, it looks cool hanging from the pot rack!

I will add that I found it to be of a nicer quality than I expected. I purchased both sizes and both are lovely. The handles are sturdy, smooth, nicely sanded beechwood, which is a good choice due to its sturdiness and tight grain. Due to the low-ish price, I expected something a bit shabbier.

The handles arrive completely bare, with no varnish / finish at all. I advise oiling them, especially where the wire whisk part goes into the handle. I used super pure linseed oil (essentially flax seed oil) but mineral oil, walnut oil, or whatever you oil your cutting boards with would probably fine.

If you intend to keep making bread, buy one. I prefer the larger one for 1 loaf or larger batches, but the smaller will certainly work for a full loaf and might be preferable for people with smaller hands. Either way, I bet you'll be happy.
Does the job. (3/5) Mar 19, 2011 eric williams river grove il US
  I use this exclusively to stir my dough together, I never do batches larger then 3 cups flour to start and it goes just fine. I am only commenting on its size relative to the other available here - comments on how well it works are unnecessary. No brainer. It is a must have. For $7 (or $8, if you are feeling wild) you will likely never need another tool ever for the job.
fast and easy (5/5) Apr 12, 2010 Lydia Las NV US
  I'd never seen such a thing but it gets the job done quick and easy.
Danish Dough Whisk (5/5) Jan 13, 2010 Susan Phx AZ
  I love this thing! Thank you for having it available.

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