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Calibrate this thing! (3/5) May 18, 2014 Anthony Rice Rimrock AZ US
  Just got one. The first time I used it to make yogurt, the actual temp was 8 - 9ºF higher that the set temp. Be sure to check it with a thermometer.
Rank Amateur (5/5) Jan 18, 2014 Steve Botts North Hollywood CA US
  I was worried this was a silly purchase for a novice and occasional baker. But it is really improving my baking by eliminating one of the most frustrating vaiables, temperature. As a result, I am baking more, with more confidence. It is awesome for sourdough, by the way.
Fantastic! (5/5) Jan 12, 2014 Janice Nossoughi Suffern NY US
  My kitchen is never the right temperature for bread proofing! This unit is great, and I have perfect results every time. I have had it now since it first came off the assembly line. I melt chocolate, make yogurt, and even soften hardened wax out of my candle holders of all sizes. I put my largest glass French mixing bowl filled with dough in the proofer. Talk about proofing, it is just fantastic! I have only one complaint. It should have been two inches wider, so than I could fit my all my USA pans in it. It is just shy of fitting my baguette pan and hamburger and hotdog bun pans in it. However, everything else fits, even my largest pan de mie bread loaf pans. You won't be sorry if you get this.
Fantastic (5/5) Mar 22, 2014 Slainte London On CA
  It works! This proofer maintains a perfect temperature for the optimal rising of breads. I live in a 150 year old house, and despite drafts (and a brutally cold winter), my breads, starters, and leavens all rose beautifully. Two oblong proofing baskets (purchased from Breadtopia) fit in perfectly. The proofer also holds a round, 6 litre Cambro bucket (that's what I use for my dough to rise). It's a great size and a functional product. Highly recommended.

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