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I love it (5/5) Feb 29, 2012 Paul Bauman Whittier Ca US
  My wife got this and a few other goodies for me from Breadtopia for Christmas. I bake a lot of bread and I use this little guy for spraying a light coating of good Olive oil on the proofing bowl and even over the top of the dough as it is going though its final proof. Now that I'm spoiled, I want another one, for flavored oil, like rosemary infused olive oil.
Nice thing, is that this one is clear, so you can see the level of oil
Fun tool!
Usage Tip (4/5) Mar 14, 2010 Will Orland Fl US
  When I ordered this oil sprayer I thought was really cool but I threw it away on the 3rd use. Why? Because I didn't know a little secret about this pump. Internal pressure is what pushes the little spray top back up after you depress it.
My story: On my third bread loaf of the morning I had just pumped up the pressure in the bottle about 4 times but when I pressed the spray tip it went down and would not come back up. In disgust I quickly tossed the pump into the trash and began oiling the bottom of my 500 degree pre-heated clay baker by hand.
After getting the bread into the oven I retrieved the pump and after a little experimenting discovered the problem - my ignorance of the mechanics of this little kitchen helper.
Just goes to show that the old saw about what you don't know can't hurt you is so very wrong. Hope this helps others avoid my mistake.
PS. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is that the direction about the pump did not tell me about this small but critical piece of information.
Oil Sprayer (4/5) Dec 23, 2010 David Briggs Piqua OH US
  Using this sprayer is a little tricky. You cannot overfill with oil, you do have to keep it under the line. It does the job as described once you get the hang of it. I have used it with both olive oil and canola oil.

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