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Eric and Denyce

At Breadtopia We Know We’re Lucky!

If you’re lucky, your passion becomes your job or business. In founding Breadtopia, I consider myself to be extremely lucky. I virtually cut my teeth on sourdough French bread in San Francisco, California, where I was born. And for many years I have loved baking.

In 1994, I was fortunate to marry Denyce; we shared many of the same interests and passions. For the next decade, I was involved in several corporate endeavors and in 2004, Denyce, who is a freelance graphic designer and former operator of the Busy Bee Bakery, and I, a website developer, Internet marketer and avid baker, formed Rusch Advertising Design.

Along with taking on various freelance projects, we developed our personal projects with our major baby being our baking website— At Breadtopia we’re dedicated to ensuring that baking perfect bread has never been easier. If we can aid in the development of a baking community—composed of new, veteran and constantly developing enthusiasts—all passionate about creating great, homemade baked goods, then we will count ourselves successful.

The thing about Denyce and me is that we are a lot like the fine folks who visit Breadtopia. It’s not just the fact that we love baking, but here in Fairfield, Iowa, we’re into a range of family, community and family oriented experiences, including sports, meditation, wildlife, the arts and nature. Denyce is the mom of Galen, her son who is a professional freelance photographer, living in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, with his lovely, multitalented wife, Liza. We love to connect with them and Liza’s family in Maine.

With Breadtopia we’re looking forward to creating and developing a community of home-based bakers all enjoying the natural riches inherent in sharing baking recipes, stories and knowledge—an extended family of sorts.

How do we survive? We offer a lot of important information for free and baking supplies at often bargain prices. So please take some time to browse through our store and to contact us if you have any suggestions, can’t find a baking item that you need or want to share a recipe of a humorous or interesting baking anecdote.

We hope you enjoy our site. Denyce and I are looking forward to getting to know you and serving you.

Eric & Denyce