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Bread Lame

Bread Lame

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Bread Lame - Dough Cutting Tool
A Breadtopia Exclusive

Bread LameA Lame (pronounced LAHM, meaning "blade" in French) is typically a long thin stick made to hold a metal razor used to cut, or score, bread dough to help control the expansion of the loaf as it bakes.

We have not carried a bread lame prior to this one because we were unable to find one that we liked. They were either over priced or disposable. To work well, the blade needs to be extremely sharp, so a replaceable blade was a necessary feature of an acceptable lame. We also wanted to carry a lame that was reasonably priced.

Razor PackageWe believe our bread lame is an excellent balance of form, function and price. It's designed to be easy to see and pick up. This may sound funny, but one popular model on the market is so small and thin as to be nearly invisible when set down, is difficult to pick up barehanded and almost impossible to use while wearing protective oven gloves. Our lame's easy grip handle allows for steady control and accurate cutting. It uses inexpensive replaceable double edge blades which makes it both economical and ecological.

Since you're only cutting with one corner of the blade at a time and the blade can easily be rotated, you get maximum life out of each blade.

The handle is made of hard plastic resin with a stainless steel strip to hold the razor blade. Made in USA. The 5 included blades are imported from Eastern Europe.



The video clip below is of Ciril Hitz demonstrating scoring baguette dough with bread lame at the 3rd annual Kneading Conference in Maine




Bread Lame reviews

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Simple, effective Aug 27, 2014 Aliyah Levestam Strahan Ta
  Inexpensive lame that does the job nicely. Thanks! more...
Buy it! Feb 16, 2014 Ed's Bread Co
  After a disappointment with an expensive lame from the local high end cooking store, I remember I had wanted to try using Breadtopia. That was the right... more...
curved blade required Feb 23, 2013 Anonymous
  for the record a lame is suppose to have a curved blade. necessary to cause a correct bloom or ear on the baked loaf. more...
bending Feb 1, 2013 maria campillo chicago il US
  It is a perfect tool and it is supposed to bend, that is the perfect way of making the right angle. more...
bread lame Jan 21, 2013 thomas penndel pa US
  I have not yet tried this, but it appears in the video that the blade is being put on incorrectly, thus causing the blade to curve. The lame has a slight... more...
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