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The Original Cooking Thermometer/Timer

The Original Cooking Thermometer/Timer

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The Original Cooking Thermometer/Timer
Thermoworks Model TW362B

Affordable, simple, accurate and rated #1 by Cook's Illustrated and America's Test Kitchen.

Offers continuous monitoring of food temperatures inside the oven or grill during cooking with a built in adjustable alarm that sounds when target temperature is reached. Eliminates guessing on cooking times.

  • Adjustable alarm setting from 32°F to 392°F 
  • Timer & thermometer work simultaneously or separately
  • Use with oven or grill - heat resistant thin gauge probe wire allows oven door to close without heat loss
  • Magnetic back or counter stand
  • Very easy to set and use
  • Affordable replacement probes
  • Runs on single AAA battery (included)

Important Note for Bread Bakers: The probes on this thermometer are not designed to withstand oven temperatures above 392 degrees F (200C), so don't use for baking bread at temperatures above that.

Cook’s Illustrated said this: “The best of the bunch, an easy-to-use thermometer from ThermoWorks ($19)” and “This user-friendly model allows you to view both time and temperature simultaneously and is free of the annoying and unnecessary USDA recommended presets for various types of meat that are all too common in other brands.”

Replacement Probes: Probe cables are not completely waterproof and you should also avoid (or shield them from) ultra-high temperatures such as very near cooking elements, flames or coals. If you use care the probe should last a long time. However, our replacement probes are very affordable so you can keep one or two on-hand in case yours burns out. All probes are carefully tested at the factory to make sure they are accurate when you get them. This probe works with both the new TW362B and the retired TW362A.

This is a huge kitchen favorite in commercial and home kitchens as well as industrial and lab use. Comparable units cost quite a bit more.

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