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Sourdough Starter - Dry

Sourdough Starter - Dry

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Sourdough Starter - Dry

This is the starter we use in all our sourdough baking here at Breadtopia. A hearty strain of wild yeast that has served us well for years. 

For thousands of years, sourdough starter has been used to healthily and naturally leaven bread. Containing naturally occurring yeast and friendly Lactobacillus bacteria, sourdough starter also adds its own unique flavor profile to baked goods.

Follow the simple instructions on the back of the starter label to revive the dormant dried starter. Within a few days you should have a sufficient quantity of active starter to begin baking.

With regular feeding, your starter can be sustained indefinitely.

You’ll find a wide selection of sourdough bread recipes on our web site. For details on sourdough starter management, visit

I got your dried starter and shared it with a friend. Your starter is now happily bubbling in Scotland and Connecticut. It is the best starter! I made pancakes and bread both and it is wonderful! Thanks so much!

Jacki Kennedy, Connecticut



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The Best Starter Jan 17, 2014 Deonia Copeland Pace Fl US
  I bought my dry starter from you a few years ago and it is still going strong. I have two I keep going, one with water and the other with milk. I have made... more...
Works great! Nov 6, 2012 Milan
  I switched it to rye after only 24h and successfully baked a whole grain rye bread already on the third day after I received the starter. The dough was... more...
Great starter! Aug 24, 2012 Sue Stewart Wewoka OK US
  I've done sourdoughs off and on for years, but this is the first one that really , REALLY took off. I worried about the starter at first because it seemed... more...
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