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Dr. Oetker Dough Scraper Successor

Dr. Oetker Dough Scraper Successor

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New from Germany. We're calling it The Dr. Oetker Dough Scraper Successor.

New Dr. Oetker ComparisonDr. Oetker stopped making their dough scraper but another company in Germany is filling the void with this improved offering. It's really the same as the original, only larger. The only complaint we ever heard about the original model was the small size. Many will appreciate the somewhat larger size of this new model.

Dough scrapers are another of those essential tools most bakers wouldn't do without. This dough scaper is very well designed. Made of slightly flexible nylon with the rounded edge beveled, it does a great job of easily and thoroughly scraping dough from any size bowl.

Quick and easy to clean.

Measures 4 3/4" wide x 3 1/2"


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  I added this to an order on a whim. It works better than any others I have tried. I have Corian counter tops, and need to be careful of scratching. This... more...
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