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Breadtopias Choice - Offset Bread Knife

Breadtopia's Choice - Offset Bread Knife

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Breadtopia's Choice Offset Bread Knife by Lamson Sharp - 10 Inch

MADE IN USA - American Made Cutlery and Kitchen Tools Since 1837

We're constantly on the look out for the best products at the best prices. It's one of our many obsessions. Bread knives in particular is a product category we've spent a lot of time on, testing many knives in our own kitchen.

This offset bread knife hits the sweet spot for form, function, quality and price. The blade on this model is both extremely sharp and thin. Sharp enough to easily cut through the crustiest bread with ease and thin enough to slice the most delicate beads without tearing the dough. We also use ours to cut thin slices of tomatoes. The cutting edge of the blade is slightly curved so you can more easily cut all the way through your bread.

The best steel in the world still eventually needs sharpening. This Lamson Sharp bread knife can be sharpened with a hand or electric sharpener designed to handle serrated blades or mailed to the company for professional sharpening (contact us for details).

This knife passed our "reach for" test with flying colors. It's the knife we found ourselves most often reaching for among the many available to us. So much so that we have dropped from our line a few other knives that we had carried for some time.

The exceptionally sharp serrated edge of the offset bread knife will slice smoothly through the crustiest artisan loaves, without crushing or tearing. The offset handle elevates your hand, preventing knuckles from hitting the cutting surface.

  • All Lamson Sharp knives are recognized for superior quality, strength, balance, craftsmanship and precision cutting.
  • The blade is made from a high carbon stainless steel.
  • The rosewood handle provides a comfortable non-slip grip. 
  • Blade length: 10"
  • Overall length: 15 1/4"


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A Great Kitchen Tool and A... Apr 7, 2013 Jim Warner Sacramento CA US
  The LamsonSharp offset bread knife is a bit pricey but worth it! The serrade is the best I have ever used for a bread knife. The length between serrade peaks... more...
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