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Tiered Cooling Rack

Tiered Cooling Rack

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Nifty 3-Tier Cooling Rack

If you like to bake a lot, but have limited counter space, this is the cooling rack for you. This heavy duty rack holds up to 3 tiers of your favorite baked goods. Perhaps BREAD. And maybe some COOKIES. And yes, a PIE or two. Mmmm.

Its great space-saving design also folds flat for easy storage. Plus, it is durable and cleans easily.

As far as assembly is concerned, the rack's unique locking mechanism will keep the 3 individual shelves firmly together, making a stable structure that can handle a variety of baking. Assembled dimensions: 13.5"w x 12"d x 11.5"h

Cools big, stores small

Stackable Cooling Rack

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