Ankarsrum Mixer review by Ruth Hurst

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LOVE this Mixer (5/5) Oct 17, 2013 Ruth Hurst Nestor Falls On CA
Thank you SO much for the speedy delivery of this wonderful mixer. I've been using it for a few months now and felt it was time to post a review.
It's not only really cool looking, it's crazy easy to use and best of all, easy to clean!!! It fits perfectly on the counter without interfering with the upper cabinets. My kitchen is quite small and counter space is precious, yet it has earned a permanent place, front & centre.
There is a bit of a learning curve, but anyone with even a bit of experience with a mixer will learn to love this machine more than any other mixer they have owned in a very short period of time.
It's very solid, yet not as heavy as my other mixer. It's built to last. It's quieter and the timer is a dream come true. It allows the user to walk away without worrying about it walking off the counter when kneading heavier dough. It's made no-knead recipes even easier.
The lid is perfect for resting & rising dough right in the bowl then as a cover to keep the interior clean. I store the roller & scraper in the bowl with the lid on. I've even started storing my measuring cups & spoons in it. Why take up drawer space when they can stay right where you need them? Perfect!
The 2nd bowl & whisk attachments are also great. Perfect whipped cream every time in a much shorter time than my other mixer.
I would highly recommend this mixer to anyone, from beginner to a pro.

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