Sourdough Starter Jar - Clear Lid review by Patti Johnson

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Big, Beautiful Jars!!! (5/5) Dec 13, 2013 Patti Johnson Lawrence KS US
  So glad I ordered two of these big, beautiful jars to hold my sourdough starters. I transferred my sourdough starters (one white flour starter and one rye flour starter) to my two jars today. Much less mess than the mason jars I was using with dishcloths and rubberbands. :)

Now I can use my small dough wish to stir the starter. (I was using a wooden chopstick previously, with my mason jars.)

NOTE: I stored the two rubber seals (that same with the new jars) in one of my kitchen drawers, as closing the jars without the seals creates the perfect environment for the sourdough starter to stay active and moist and debris-free (without creating an airtight environment where it will bubble over everywhere or, worse, burst!). :)

Also, these jars are a work of art! Truly. They are big, heavy and so well made. Happy baker am I! :)

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