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Mitch550 (5/5) Apr 27, 2010 Nikki and Mitch Yonkers Ne US
  This scale is fabulous. I had been using a Salter scale for years (that cost twice as much as this one at the time) but it measured in 2 gram increments and never gave me the same reading twice in a row. I would lift the bowl and put it down again and I'd get a different reading. The Escali Primo gives consistent readings every single time and is a delight to use. The price seems very fair and I am extremely pleased with it. I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about getting reliable and consistent results -- and without spending an arm and a leg.
Terrific (5/5) Feb 17, 2010 Dudley Rose Cambridge MA US
  The added accuracy and convenience are wonderful. I expected the former, especially in measuring flour. What I didn't fully appreciate in advance is the convenience, both in measuring and eliminated cleanup, in adding ingredients, especially honey and other sticky liquids. And the price is very reasonable, too. I wouldn't be without it.
Very Pleased (5/5) Mar 23, 2012 Marilyn McCoy Dayton Te US
  I just got my Escali Primo Kitchen Scale and I really like it.
Very easy to use and it really made the task of measuring so easy and accurate.
Very pleased!! (5/5) Jan 3, 2012 Paul Bauman Whittier CA US
  Finally got one of these. Had to wait til Christmas, but hey. Very high quality and very accurate, which is what I was looking for. Nice thing too, is that Breadtopia responded quickly and efficiently to my wife's order and she was very impressed. Maybe she'll buy me more "toys" from Breadtpia

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