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"KoMo Classic Grain Mill by Wolfgang Mock (aka Fidibus... (5/5) Jun 4, 2011 K. Scovill Mt. Shasta Ca US
  We just got this grain grinder from Breadtopia--the best price online. Yea! I love the way it grinds so efficiently. This grain grinder is very well made--very good motor assembly and the wood housing is not only beautiful to look at, there is no plastic exterior that can be easily broken. There is a heavy plastic ring inside that is rubbed when you set the mill at different levels from course to fine flour, yet we don't move that setting too often.

We have a Country Grain Mill--hand crank--and am I ever glad to see this KoMo Classic! We couldn't grind enough flour for our needs (of course we had it on the finest setting). The KoMo does not grind as fine a flour as our hand mill, but that doesn't matter to me...we can get enough flour for a loaf of bread in 5 minutes, not two days.

Thank you, Eric, for your wonderful comparison videos. They were helpful to me in my research on grain mills, which I then followed up on other sites as well. You did the best side by side comparison and have the best price.
Excellent Mill (5/5) Mar 29, 2014 Sam Washington DC US
  Very solidly built and does a great job in milling grains from fine to coarse. Although very pricey, if you're looking for a well-built product that offers a variety of milling grades, you can do no better than this mill. Excellent overall. I've been using it for over a year without any issues.
Fabulous Product (5/5) Jan 17, 2011 Tamara Robson Elgin SC US
  I have owned this grain mill for nearly a year now and absolutely love it. It's the only mill I've owned but I wouldn't want to try any other. I love that I don't have to spend time cleaning after each use. I love that it looks great sitting on my counter or on my baker's rack. I grinds the grain to perfection. It's a great buy and I would buy it again in a heartbeat. Now that I have found Breadtopia I am getting the most from my grinder. I was stumbling around a bit trying to use it on my own but with Breadtopia I am making truly amazing bread!
komo classic (5/5) Dec 10, 2013 Eva Holmes Roseburg OR US
  I just received my Komo classic and I absolutely love it! It grinds flour as fine as store bought or however you want it. It grinds so fast it's amazing and so much quieter than what I had before- the messerschmidt attachment to the kitchen aide mixer which was horrendously loud. It is so beautiful also- quite an addition to my kitchen. This is a very high quality grinder and it is worth every penny! I can see now why other manufacturers are starting to copy it.

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