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Klip It Breakfast Container

Klip It Breakfast Container

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Klip It Breakfast to Go

Love your cereal with fresh fruit and milk or perhaps a muffin top or scone with yogurt on the go? This versitile Breakfast to Go container is complete with snap together spoon and separate compartment for storage of milk, yogurt, or even a muffin. Efficient easy opening locking clips plus rubberized seals ensure food stays fresh and impervious to outside pests. Easy to pack and store in your purse or pack. 

Klip It has developed the most unique baking and food storage system, with containers specifically designed to store all bake ware ingredients. All of the KLIP IT™ food storage containers feature the easy access locking clips and rubberized seal. The lid clips are quick and simple to open and close, yet form an airtight silicone seal. KLIP IT containers are also stackable for efficient use of kitchen space. 

All Klip It food storage containers are meticulously designed and manufactured in state of the art factories in New Zealand using only first grade materials.

  • Microwave, dishwasher, & freezer safe
  • FDA approved and BPA Free - Made from lead free virgin materials
  • Made in New Zealand

Set includes:

  • Snap together spoon
  • Separate compartment for liquids

Size: 530ML / 17.9 oz

Container: Virgin Polypropylene
Clips: Virgin Polypropylene
Seal: Theromplastic Elastomer

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