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Kitchen Scales

Of the roughly one gazillion kitchen scales on the market, our favorites are...

The Escalli Primo is well made, accurate and has all the essential features you want in a kitchen scale at a great price.

The Escali Arti is all that plus exceedingly attractive. It's the iPad of kitchen scales. In addition to the essential features (tare, auto off, weighs in ounces and grams), the Escali Arti's rectangular shape puts the display into a more visable position when a large mixing bowl is placed on it. The large display is easy to read. The glass surface is easy to clean. Plus the Arti is slim. 3/4" thin! Slip it into your already crammed cookbook shelf for storage.

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Kitchen Scale - Escali Primo
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Kitchen Scale - Escali Arti
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Kitchen Scale - Escali Milligram Scale
Perfect for Precisely Weighing
Herbs & Spices


Kitchen Scale - Escali Taso
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Kitchen Scale - Escali Pana
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Kitchen Scale - Adapter for Pana


Kitchen Scale - Escali Pico