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Super Peel

Super Peel

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Super Peel - Made in USA

Note: Please see Super Peel demonstration videos.

The pizza peel is standard equipment among pizza makers everywhere. You need one to move your homemade pizza from counter to oven. Yet an ordinary peel requires some skill to accomplish this without making a mess of your masterpiece.

It's Super Peel to the rescue!

The Super Peel has to be the greatest culinary invention practically no one has heard of. Actually, its inventor Gary Casper has sold thousands world wide over the past several years to rave customer reviews. But given how useful, easy and just plain fun it is to use, I'm surprised I don't see it promoted more widely around the net.

I love my Super Peel and feel compelled to sing its virtues from a mountaintop of grated cheese. But it really needs to be used, or at least demonstrated, to be fully appreciated. So of course I made the Super Peel videos (see link above) for you to see it in action.

  • Made from the highest quality available solid wood. Sometimes Ash, sometimes Maple.
  • 14" X 24" X ~½" thick.
  • Handle edges are contoured for comfortable grip
  • Very low angle tip, for easily sliding under thin dough.
  • Working surface (covered by cloth) is 14" X 14".
  • All Super Peels are finished with food grade cutting board oil, to beautify and protect the wood, and to help preserve quality and appearance.

A few comments from others:

"I was amazed at how easy it looked to use, but I was still skeptical that it would work as seamlessly for me in my own kitchen. Bottom line: the Super Peel IS that easy to use!" Vickilynn Haycraft of

Cook's Illustrated, March 2005: Recommended Super Peel over all other baking peels tested.

"I can recommend this to anyone who likes doing pastry or pizza cooking who has even the least difficulty moving these around. It would also make an excellent kitchen gadget present".From

"At Last! A Solution to your hard-to-move dough creations." The Baker's Catalogue.



Super Peel reviews

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I couldn't love this product more!!! Nov 18, 2012 Bill Doyle Upr Grnwd Lk NJ US
  I have been using a Super Peel to deliver my pizzas to my baking stone for the last year or two and I can't say enough good things about it! I works exactly... more...
Super peel is fantastic Oct 5, 2010 David Daniel Nampa ID US
  I just used my Super Peel for the first time and it is fantastic! It works just as advertised and is really easy to use. I was a little skeptical of the... more...
Super Peel Aug 23, 2010 Richard Bidgood Lancaster PA US
  After years of making pizza at home and struggling to have the pizza and topping stay together when I slid them onto the stone, I tried the Super Peel.... more...
Nebraska Apr 17, 2010 Dean Cole Lincoln Ne US
  I just purchased a Super Pizza Peel and love it. It is a great tool. I gave it a four instead of a five because it is a little hard at first to master the... more...
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